Because I am playing with the idea to pursue a post-graduate position, even if I have now decided that I will spend the next year in Odense, I wanted to keep an eye on vacancies at SDU Odense. Though I found their vacant positions unusable for the following reasons:

And most importantly: no RSS feed for vacancies!


I made an RSS Feed which you can subscribe to for free to track both publication dates and get an overview without having to deal with the sub-par website experience. The code is open-source on GitHub, have a look.

Open Problems

It would be nice to have the entire data of the post as part of the item's description. But I didn't want to host a mirror of their text on my page without their consent. I would have to contact them for permission, or they would need to offer an RSS Feed themselves.

Their Jobbank also doesn't offer an RSS feed. However, that page hosts enough dynamic content that one RSS feed would be overwhelming.